Ammonia electrosynthesis strategies!

Aayush's work on describing new strategies for selective ammonia electrosynthesis, with contribution from Jay, has been accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis! Link

ALD infiltration creates active catalysts!

In a fantastic collaboration with Diana Berman from U. North Texas and Elena Schevchenko from Argonne National Lab, Emmett contributed to describe materials made by ALD infiltration of polymer precursors to prepare active catalysts and reported in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces! Link

Contribution out in Nature!

Jay's contribution, in collaboration with a fantastic team from Denmark, Stanford and Imperial College, to a rigorous protocol to detect ammonia from electrochemical synthesis is now out in Nature! Link

Collaborative work published in Nano Letters!

Collaborative work led by Janis Timoshenko and Anatoly Frenkel, with help from Cody, on using neural networks to analyze the structure of mono- and bimetallic materials has been published in Nano Letters! Read it here