Our work on PReferential OXidation published in AIChE Journal!

Our work, led by Arik, on the elucidation of structure-property relationships in gold catalysts for the preferential oxidation of CO has been accepted for publication in the AIChE Journal! A big congrats to the team that includes our amazing undergrads from the U-Team

Janus graphene work out in Chemistry of Materials!

Alex's work on the synthesis and characterization of Janus graphene materials is out in Chemistry of Materials! A very elegant nanofabrication method and interesting light-induced charge separation are the key points of the work. Read it here

Matteo is nominated Sloan Fellow!

Matteo is nominated a Sloan Fellow by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation! The Fellowship was created in 1955 to recognize early-career excellence in physics, chemistry and mathematics. The award recognizes promising future leaders who have made significant contributions to the field. Matteo and the whole group are recognized for the work in sustainable energy generation processes.

Matteo wins the 2018 ERES Junior Award!

This award, bestowed every three years to a researcher under 35 years of age, is given to Matteo for his contributions to the development of catalysts based on ceria. Matteo will receive the award during the 10th International Conference on f-Elements in early September in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he will also deliver a keynote lecture. More here

Welcome Weixin, Alex and Pit!

We welcome Weixin and Alex as post-doctoral scholars in the group, and Pit as visiting post-doc from Germany! Weixin will be working on catalysts for methane combustion, Alex on nanofabrication of photocatalytic materials, and Pit on hybrid materials for multifunctional catalysis. Welcome to the group!

Publication in Chemistry of Materials!

The New Year starts in a great way with our work in collaboration with Jian Qin in our department published in Chemistry of Materials! Liheng led the efforts to describe how in-situ studies can provide us the knowledge to synthesize nanocrystals of a desired size and narrow distributions. Read it here

ACS Catalysis perspective on sintering!

Emmett, Jay and Matteo provide their perspective on how to fundamentally understand and rationally suppress sintering in heterogeneous catalysts for ACS Catalysis! Read it here.