Summer researchers join the group!

With the Summer quarter starting, we welcome Matt and Pedro, Stanford Undergraduates; Adi, from Cupertino High School; and Ashmeet, a teacher from Castro Valley High School, who will all be spending Summer research periods in our group!

In collaboration with Frank Abild-Pedersen of SUNCAT and George Graham and Xiaoqing Pan of U. Michigan, our story on in-situ characterization of catalysts under strong-metal support-interaction state is out in Nano Letters!

Andrew, Cody and Emmett join the group!

Andrew, Cody and Emmett join the group as first-year Ph.D. students! They will be working on several projects involving selective methane oxidation, multifunctional catalysis and photocatalysis. Welcome to the group, we look forward to working with all of you!

Joseph Maalouf is a SUPER scholar!

Joseph Maalouf has been selected for a SUPER scholarship by the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford! Joseph will spend the Summer with us working on promoted bimetallic systems for methane activation. We look forward to it!

Cargnellogroup officially opens the new lab!

The Shriram Center celebrated the new 6 groups that start working in the building. The Cargnellogroup has finally moved into its new home, the Cargnellolab, where great science and fun will mix for many years to come! Come visit us in room 384 of the Shriram Center!