New publication in JACS!

Willis' work, with help from Emmett, Liheng, Andrew and Pedro, on the synthesis and use of bimetallic nanocrystals based on Pd for the systematic identification of promoters in methane combustion, is published today in the Journal of the American Chemical Society! Such a great achievement! Read it here

Work published in ACS Catalysis!

Emmett's work, in a fantastic collaboration with the groups of Tom Jaramillo (Stanford), Simon Bare (SLAC) and George Graham and Xiaoqing Pan (UCI), is accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis! It demonstrates the effect of adding Pt to Pd for methane combustion activity and stability using uniform bimetallic nanocrystals of tunable composition. Great work! Read it here.

Welcome Aisulu and Larissa!

We welcome Aisulu and Larissa into the group as Ph.D. students! Aisulu will be working on microporous materials for CO2 reduction, whereas Larissa will study nanostructured photocatalysts for H2 production and CO2 reduction. We are excited to have them in the group!

Cody wins Kokes Award!

Cody wins the Richard J. Kokes Travel Award from the North American Catalysis Society to travel to NAM25 and present his work on Pd/Au-based materials for methane activation! He will be joined by Andrew who will be also presenting a talk on hydrib organic-inorganic catalysts!

Clean hydrogen generation out in Nature Communications!

Paolo Fornasiero and colleagues, with "intellectual" contribution from Matteo, publish their work on nanoarchitectures for clean hydrogen generation in Nature Communications! Congratulations to a great team effort! Read it here